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Tucson Masterworks Chorale                     Summer 2018 Newsletter

From the Board President

Stephanie Tashiro

I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful summer.  It is time to prepare for the 2018-19 season after a challenging but highly successful 2017-18 season.

New Artistic Director

I would like to welcome our new Artistic Director, Gavin Ely.  Many of you are familiar with Gavin from his role as the Assistant Director during our spring season.  Gavin is currently pursuing his Doctor of Music degree in Choral Conducting from the University of Arizona.  He has worked as the Assistant Director for the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus and has performed as a soloist and ensemble member for True Concord and The Tucson Symphony.  We are very fortunate to have him come on board as our Artistic Director and look forward to working with him.

Fall Program

Gavin has worked with Board of Director members to develop a program for our fall session that may seem a bit different from past programs.  I am excited to embark on the work for this program.  At a high level view, the first half of the program will consist of Opera Choruses.  These will include pieces by Borodin and Wagner along with others.  The second half of the program will be composed of pieces from musical theater.  These will include pieces by Bernstein and Sondheim along with others.  Gavin will discuss this further in his section to follow.

Our fall schedule will also be a bit different from past seasons.  We will give two performances as is typical but one will be in November at Grace St. Paul Episcopal Church, while the other will not be performed until January.  The January performance will take place in Green Valley at the Green Valley Recreation West Center.  Green Valley Recreation has a full calendar of Arts and Entertainment during the 2018-2019 Season.  Some of the scheduled performers include The Drifters, The Coasters, Tucson Symphony Orchestra Pops, TSO Masterworks Haydn and Schumann, L.A. Theatre Works and the list goes on.  I believe we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to perform at this venue.

Some Important Dates

All rehearsals are on Mondays at 7pm at Grace St Paul unless otherwise noted

  • August 20th       Registration (6:30) and first rehearsal,
  • September 3rd Labor Day – rehearsal at normal time
  • October 20th Special Saturday rehearsal at 1pm
  • November 9th Dress rehearsal Grace St. Paul
  • November 11th Concert 3pm Grace St Paul.  Call time TBD
  • December Special rehearsal date TBD
  • January 11th Dress Rehearsal Green Valley Recreation West Center – Time TBD
  • January 13th Concert 2pm Green Valley Recreation West Center – Call time TBD


Debbi Maloid

We were all saddened to hear of the passing of Debbi Maloid.  Debbi was a long time member who was a ray of sunshine.  She was always smiling and happy.  She was friendly to all and will leave a big hole.  She will be missed.  I would like to thank those who participated in and attended her memorial service.  It was wonderful to see all the people whose lives she impacted.  I heard from many of you who were not able to attend and know you were thinking of her. The chorus has created the Debbi Maloid endowment fund as a way to honor her.  She loved singing and this fund will help make sure the music will continue. Donations can be made by sending your check to:

Tucson Masterworks Chorale, P.O. Box41885, Tucson, AZ 85717

Please make a note that you wish your contribution to be to the Debbi Maloid Endowment Fund.

Salzburg Opportunity

I believe most of you have read messages from John Merrill regarding the opportunity to travel and perform in Salzburg.  A brochure has been distributed and the response has been very good.  Below is current information from John:

“The response from members, current and former, has been quite positive. I’m currently in touch with over 38 who have expressed strong interest. We’ve had some who have reconsidered and have dropped out and I expect the number will continue to winnow down. I’m especially encouraged by the number of past members who are included in the list

In early September, either before a rehearsal or on a separate date the tour management company from Phoenix will come down and we’ll have a session to answer questions and help with furthering information. At this point Jane Peppard and I [John Merrill] are the two who are answering questions about flights, add-on trips etc.”

From the Artistic Director

Gavin Ely

With great excitement and enthusiasm, I am excited to step into the position of Interim Artistic Director for this next year. Let me thank you for warm welcomes and congratulations. It was a pleasure serving and singing with you this past spring. I’ve enjoyed listening to our recording throughout this summer – we did a fantastic job!

Earlier this summer, John Merrill, Anne Cotten, Stephanie Tashiro and I met to discuss several aspects of the chorus, one of them being the programing for this fall season. I had several concepts of possible programs in mind but was really attached to one idea, in particular. As Anne walked in and sat down, she had in hand an anthology of Opera Choruses – the very same idea I had.

Since its birth, beginning with the Florentine Camerata in the Late 16th century, Opera has shaped the aesthetics, form and style of all other vocal genres including mass and liturgical works, oratorios and symphonic works. Most of the great composers from that time onward have sought renown in this genre. Even Bach, who never composed an opera of his own, demonstrated his prowess in the forms and techniques of opera in his passions, cantatas, oratorios and most especially in his B minor Mass.

In our fall concert, we will present portions of these masterworks of the stage – the choruses from many of the most famous operas from the baroque to modern eras. The choruses contain many of the most recognizable melodies that have enchanted both enthusiast and laymen for over three centuries, representing the work of composers from all regions of western music. Our second half will present lighter but historically significant choruses of the stage, namely those of musical theatre and operetta, demonstrating the development of the genre.

This is a concert that is guaranteed to thrill. I am so looking forward to our first rehearsal and jumping right into the artistry and power of these works.


Your 2018 TMC Leadership Team

Board of Directors                                                        Section Leaders

 Stephanie Tashiro – President                                                         Soprano 1 – Roberta Latham

John Merrill – Past President                                                            Soprano 2 – TBD

Fred Brinker – Vice President                                                           Alto 1 – Melanie De Sa

Linda Shaw – Secretary                                                                     Alto 2 – Prudie Eppers

John Frazier – Treasurer                                                                   Tenor – George Bray

Neil Jacobsen – Member                                                                  Bass – John Cole

Wendy Reed – Member

Alison Futrell – Member

Prudie Eppers – Member

George Bray – Member

David Brooks – Member


We look forward to seeing you all on August 20th to kick off an exciting 2018 season!

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