From the Board President

Stephanie Tashiro

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer.  It is time to prepare for the 2019-20 season after a challenging but highly successful 2018-19 season.  We are looking forward to a great year!  We are celebrating our 70th anniversary.  This is a huge milestone.  Our community chorus has performed many wonderful pieces over those many years.
Our Fall program this year is described in some detail below.  We believe it will be a program that we will enjoy performing and will touch our audience members in many ways.  The title of the program is “Sing Darkness to Light”.   This program reinforces the impact music can have on our lives.
In the Spring of 2020, we will be preparing and performing “The Seasons” by Joseph Haydn.

Fall Program:  Sing Darkness to Light

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” – J.K. Rowling, via Albus Dumbledore

Tucson Masterwork’s Chorale fall program, Sing Darkness to Light, expresses the power of music to illuminate even the darkest of struggles. In times of violence, war, personal doubt, or even death, music can be a ray of light for people worldwide. TMC’s program highlights the transition from darkness to light with poetry and music from the 1600s to the current decade.

The subject matter of Sing Darkness to Light examines truly dark moments of humankind. It is the Silence by Linda Haugen sets the texts of Anne Frank, showing the struggle of living in fear of being found and killed as a Jewish girl in WW2. Requiem text settings by Z. Randall Stroope and Mozart act as a remembrance of lives lost due to unnecessary violence. Though violence and death occur, Rob Redei’s Only in Darkness shows that even in the worst moment of human history, there are those to rise above to help, heal, and protect.

In the second half of the program, attention turns to the power of music to unite and mend a broken world. Ola Gjeilo’s Luminous Night of the Soul, for 8-part chorus, piano, and string quartet creates a breathtaking picture of the divine spirit of art. Ticheli’s Earth Song paired with Jacob Narverud’s Hope for the World (We Sing), reaffirms that while darkness saddens “music and singing have been my refuge.” Lastly, a gospel arrangement of the popular hymn text How Can I Keep From Singing? sets a resolve that trials cannot shake the indominable human spirit.

In her first concert with Masterworks, Artistic Director Angelica Dunsavage wishes to invite everyone to see this program of hope and renewal of spirit.

From the Artistic Director:  Angela Dunsavage

Dear Members and Friends of Tucson Masterworks Chorale,

First of all, let me take a minute to introduce myself! As you can tell from my bio, my name is Angelica Dunsavage, and I’m the new Artistic Director at TMC. I’m a third year DMA student in Choral Conducting and Music Education, and the current Director of Music at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church. What you won’t see from my bio is that I’m a lover of all things Harry Potter and Disney, an avid foodie, an even more avid reader, and a dog mom to a rescue terrier named Liza.

Why am I saying all of this? Because I believe that who we are as people brings so much to our music-making at TMC, and my sincere goal as Artistic Director is to bring authentic, honest music to our singers, audience, and the Tucson community as a whole. In a society where we are increasingly isolated by technology, 24/7 work availability, and pressures to be all that we can be at the expense of some things we really need to be, music can serve as an outlet to bring us together. It’s a chance to communicate face-to-face about things we may not have the words to say on our own. Luckily, centuries of poets and composers have articulated them for us.

Community is a huge part of the TMC mission, so I’d like to personally invite each and every one of you, in the style of Mr. Rogers, to please “be our neighbor.” This doesn’t just involve singing! (though we will never turn down interested singers…) Come to hear our concerts, subscribe to our Facebook page (, or lend us a hand on your next Amazon purchase by using and selecting Tucson Masterworks Chorale. Most importantly, invite your friends and neighbors to join our community as well. Because studies show that singing together gives us longer and happier lives.

I hope to see you all at our upcoming events, or better yet, our first rehearsal!

Yours Musically,

Angelica Dunsavage


Some Important Dates – 2019 / 2020 Season

All rehearsals are on Mondays at 7pm at Grace St Paul unless otherwise noted

  • August 19th  2019      Registration (6:30 p.m.) and first rehearsal (7:00 p.m.)
  • September 2nd Labor Day – rehearsal at normal time
  • November 3rd       Fall Concert 3 pm, Grace St Paul’s Episcopal Church.  Call time TBD
  • April 19th  2020     Spring Concert 3 pm, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

John Cole

We are very sad at the loss of our long time member and Bass Section Leader, John Cole.  John had a life that took him to many places around the world.  He had a positive impact on those he met.  He was an artist and loved to sketch the people he knew and those he may have only encountered briefly.  He loved to sing and we will miss him greatly.

Salzburg Concert a Big Success

John Merrill

This past weekend (July 4-7, 2019) was truly a lifelong experience for the 25 singers representing the Tucson Masterworks Chorale.  Joining 70 others we rehearsed for 6 hours on Thursday and 6 hours on Friday. Rehearsals were split between Dr Stan Engebretson and Janos Czifra. Dr Czifra is choir master of the Salzburg Dom and a scholar of Mozart.  Mozart’s Coronation Mass was first performed in the Salzburg Dom and Dr Czifra made us aware of the specific way it had to be sung because of the acoustics of the large sanctuary.  Dr Engebretson also cautioned us for the repertoire he conducted.
Domkonzert, Salzburg, 20190706 © Wildbild/KathiLeissing
Domkonzert, Salzburg, 20190706 © Wildbild/KathiLeissing
To our amazement the audience for Saturday night’s concert filled over 90% of seats, over 1000 happy locals. The chorus performed brilliantly!  On Sunday morning approximately 50 of the chorus joined members of the Dom Choir and from the choir loft in the rear of the Dom again performed the Mass. We sang from the same space that Mozart’s choir sang. What could possibly be more inspiring.  The large Sunday morning congregation was so very pleased.
All who traveled from Tucson are so very thankful to have this experience and I thank the Board for allowing me to put this project together. “Where to next?” is the question I’m hearing.

Your 2019 TMC Leadership Team

Board of Directors                                                        Section Leaders

 Stephanie Tashiro – President                             Soprano 1 – Roberta Latham

Wendy Reed – Secretary                                         Soprano 2 – TBD

Fred Brinker – Treasurer                                        Alto 1 – Melanie De Sa

Neil Jacobsen – Member                                        Alto 2 – Prudie Eppers

Andrew Comrie – Member                                     Tenor – George Bray

Alison Futrell – Member                                         Bass –

Prudie Eppers – Member

George Bray – Member

David Brooks – Member

Gary Bacal – Member

Janet Rowe – Member

Marcia Gold – Member


We look forward to seeing you all on August 19th to kick off an exciting 2019 / 2020 season!

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