Member Responsibilities


  1. Regular attendance at rehearsals

Regular rehearsal attendance is the single most important element in producing a fine performance. Three excused absences are allowed. Additional absences must be discussed with your section leader. The Director will determine whether you are adequately prepared to sing in the performance(s).

  1. Punctuality for rehearsals and performances

Be in your seat and ready to sing a few minutes before the listed starting time.  Notify your section leader if you anticipate being late.

  1. Mandatory attendance for dress rehearsal(s)

Dress rehearsals are essential for polishing the chorale’s performance and for working out performance logistics, including learning how the performance space sounds and feels, knowing how to enter and exit the performance space correctly, and knowing your proper position relative to the conductor, other chorale members, soloists, and instrumentalists.

  1. Regular practice at home

Practice at home, on a regular basis, is fundamental to learning the music properly; practice aids are provided to chorale members for this purpose. Consult your section leader if you have questions.

  1. Sectional rehearsals

Sectional rehearsals may be required, at the Music Director’s discretion. Participation by all members of the designated section is essential for establishing blending and balance among individual singers and for assuring that difficult places in the music are properly learned by all members of the section.