The Chorale is governed by a Board of Directors, elected annually by the members of the Chorale. The Board meets once a month to make decisions about concerts, singing requests, and the budget.

Our Professional Staff consists of an Artistic Director and an Accompanist. The Artistic Director plans all the concert programs, conducts rehearsals and concerts, and sets a vision for the artistic development of the Chorale. The Accompanist performs magic, making the piano sound like a full orchestra, so we are prepared for concerts!

Board of Directors

President:  Stephanie Tashiro, 237-1970,

Vice President:  Shirin Antia, 520-331-4602,

Treasurer: Fred Brinker, 240-0093,

Secretary: Wendy Reed, 638-8082,

Member: George Bray, 403-4766,

Member and Webmaster:  Neil Jacobsen, 437-9483,

Member: Alison Futrell,

Member: Andrew Comrie, 891-9418,

Member:  Gary Bacal, 403-2501, 881-4786,

Member:  Marcia Gold, 327-5600,

Member:  Linda Shaw, 520-401-0474,