Member Resources


Attendance is expected at each rehearsal. If you know you will miss a rehearsal, contact your Section Leader and notify them in advance of rehearsal. Your absence will be marked as excused and your Section Leader will provide you with the markings prior to the next rehearsal. If you miss more than three rehearsals prior to a concert, the Director will meet with you to determine whether you are not sufficiently prepared. Attendance at all dress rehearsals is mandatory. If extraordinary circumstances require you to miss a dress rehearsal, you must clear the absence with the Director.


Rehearsals are held every Monday evening from 7 to 9:15 p.m. at Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church from late August through mid-May, with a holiday break in December and early January.We rehearse on holidays (such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January and Presidents’ Day in February)! Occasionally our Director will ask us to stay late. Please arrive a few minutes early, ready to begin singing at 7 p.m., and bring a pencil to all rehears­als. Please refrain from perfumes and scented lotions as some people are allergic. Please turn off all electronic devices so you can give your full attention to the director and not disturb your neighbors during rehearsal.

Home Practice

It is expected that you will spend some time each week, between rehearsals, learning your notes. Our choral rehearsals are intended to work on balance, phrasing, and all aspects of musicality. They are not intended to be note-pounding sessions. Links to performances and other practice materials are on the Announcements page of our Web site.

Concert Dress

The required concert dress ensures that the Chorale as a group has a uniform appearance. Comfort and budget were considered when selecting the women’s concert attire.


White long-sleeved dress shirt; black bow tie; black tuxedo (no tails), or black suit or dress slacks and suit coat/jacket; black socks and shoes. Note: Brown, gray or blue suits are not acceptable.


Long black pants or black skirt (ankle-to-floor length); black, boat-neck 3/4 sleeve top worn loose with no belt; black hosiery, and black closed-toe shoes. Subtle, simple jewelry may be worn (nothing sparkly, dangly or colored), but please no necklaces. We recommend the following websites to order your concert top. Most of the women have purchased the L.L. Bean item. You may find this style elsewhere, but remember the color, sleeve-length and neckline must meet our criteria! L.L. BeanHanes.

Ticket Sales And Program Ads

Chorale members are encouraged to sell both Tickets and Program Ads to their family, friends, and local businesses.